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We are migrating the resources a new location on the www.pita.ca

In the meantime, we hope you have found this site useful over the last decade.

You can continue to go to our website www.startupyourclass.ca and link from there once it is set up..

This Wiki was started by Ray Myrtle as part of the StartUP! program in 2008 when the Start UP! program began a part of PITA.
Since the Wiki's inception, the StartUP! program has become a non-profit cooperative, to enable us to offer workshops for primary teachers, and so that early career teachers will have the opportunity to be more connected to the events and have input as cooperative members, to the workings of the Start UP! group. It is now called StartUP! Your Class Cooperative.

This Wiki continues to be managed by Ray Myrtle & shared by myPITA and StartUP! Your Class Co-operative as a place for new teachers to find resources and share resources.

Go to the Start UP! Website: www.startupyourclass.ca for information about the Start UP! Program events.

How to use this wiki (it's like a library):

Use the links on the left to find your way through the rest of the site.
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Go to the 'getting started' page if you are posting for the first time.
Anyone can edit a page with a few exceptions, like this page, please and change with care.
If you know of events, feel free to add information from your district etc. on the events page

Short Cuts:

To the Start UP! Website: www.startupyourclass.ca

To the 'Start UP! Your Gr. 4-7 Class Successfully' workshop resources page

To the myPita Website: www.pita.ca

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  • Include your favourite grade.
  • If you are a member of startupyourclass.ca, you may already be a member of this wiki - indicate in the message that you are a Start UP! site member, and your login will be created.

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Trouble? Contact Ray at ray.myrtle@gmail.com

*We want access to parts of the wiki to be for teachers only so that we can post student work and tests, and to enable better discussions.

All teachers are welcome to view and contribute by editing. All BC Teachers are welcome to join.