Hi Participants in the PITA Fall Conference;

The PITA Fall Conference will be at Byrne Creek Secondary in Burnaby: Go to the PITA Website for more information. To register go to www.tinyurl.com/registerforpita
This page is for follow up sessions for the PITA Fall Conference'10 workshop.

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Here are the Workshop Follow Up sessions:
It's one thing to attend a workshop- its quite another to begin to use new strategies in one's class. These follow up sessions are designed to make it easier for you to start to use the ideas in your class, by providing ideas and support from the workshop presenter and your colleagues as we learn together. Generally these sessions are limited to those who have attended a workshop so that the group starts with a common understanding.

For those who participated in Stefan Tip's Self Regulated Learning workshop at the PITA Fall Conference or those who attended his workshops in Delta.

Self regulated learning mini-course
It's great to hear new ideas at workshops but another thing to successfully put them into practice. Here's your chance to work with other classroom teachers to embed the ideas into your teaching. From January 12-Feb 23 Stefan Stipp will lead a small cohort to follow up on his introductory workshop on self-regulated learning. We'll look specifically at ways to teach our students the learner's license tools with the eventual goal of self regulated use. The 'course' will consist of four after-school one-hour online sessions which will focus on participants' individual classroom experiences applying the principles of self-regulated learning. Between the sessions we turn theory into practice in our classrooms and support each other by blogging about our experiences and exchanging teaching strategies. Let's collaboratively enhance our practice. Participants who complete the master learner mini-course receive a certificate, copies of strategies and activities developed by other teachers in the cohort, and a free TC2 published resource.