Start UP! for Early Career Teachers

(Previously called Year of Professional Support or YPS)

The idea of the Start UP! began in 2004 when Ray Myrtle wrote 'The First Week of School' and PITA distributed it around the province to new teachers.
The next two years he ran a workshop for new teachers in Burnaby just before school began.
In April 08 PITA received a grant from the Ministry of Education through the BCTF.
The program operated by PITA in two pilot sites for 08-09 Metro (Burnaby, Abbotsford) and Kelowna, but available to any early career teachers. Originally it was financially supported by PITA, the grant from Ministry of Education and the Abbotsford and Central Okanagan Teacher Associations.
Since then Maple Ridge, Burnaby, Surrey, and Kamloops (KTTA) locals have all supported the Start UP!

The program was re-designed into its present format with four day Start UP! series in Aug/Sept & Start UP! and Build UP! workshops during the year, mostly on ProD Days. The Central Okanagan, Kamloops District, Burnaby and Surrey Teachers Associations have provided financial Support for the program. Their support enabled us to provide support for almost 400 early career teachers that year. Since then over 1500 early career teachers have participated in the program.
For information contact ray.myrtle(at)

For more information, see the Start UP! website at

For more information about the rationale of the program including video comments by teachers, go to our application for funding HERE


The Vision:

Early career teachers have the preparation they need to teach successfully. They will find specific strategies, unit suggestions and resources when they need them, through regular face to face workshops, and web based resources and support from their cohort, Start UP! presenters and experienced teachers.


‘A practical program to help early career teachers begin the journey toward being excellent teachers.’

The Goal:

“I feel prepared and confident for the first week of school” -Program Participant

Five Elements:


1. ‘Start UP Your Class Successfully’ 1 Day
-prepare for your first week of school in September or later
-intro to the program

2. ‘Start UP Your Program (French, science, etc) Successfully’- 3 days
-receive ‘starter units’ that that can be used in any intermediate grade to begin your career successfully -
Six 1/2 day workshops: Reading, math, socials, science, PE, French
Offered in August and September at the beginning of school

3. ‘Build UP Your Program Successfully’ – 4 days
-receive specific building blocks for gr 4/5 or 6/7
Eight 1/2 day workshops: Reading, writing, math, socials, science, PE, French, Fine Arts
Offered in October – and February Pro D days and Saturdays in November, January and April

Web Based Support:
4. Start UP! Site (professional discussion) and early career Wiki’-the 'library'
-a resource where early career teachers and experienced teachers can share ideas and resources and questions
(you're reading it now!).

5. ‘Invite a Buddy’
- together with districts and you, we will help find a mentor and invite the mentor to join you in participating in the program

For more information contact Ray Myrtle ray.myrtle(at)

More MISC Info and documents:

Intro Sign Up Video - Sign up for information about the Start UP! and info for early career teachers.
Start UP! Sign UP Flyer:

Start UP! Workshop Forms for presenters:

external image msword.png [[../../file/view/YPS+Survey+form2011.doc|YPS Survey form2011.doc]]


As a condition of our Ministry grant, we had an evaluation done.
Download our first interim report last fall: [[file/detail/Sept 15 informal Report.doc|Sept 15 informal Report.doc]].
Download our second interim report [[file/detail/PITA -YPS Jan 30 Informal Report(ed 2).doc|PITA -YPS Jan 30 Informal Report(ed 2).doc]]
Two UBC Grad students are did an evaluation on our YPS program.
Here is their preliminary report: [[file/detail/YPS_Preliminary_Report(March12-09).pdf|YPS_Preliminary_Report(March12-09).pdf]]
Here is their final report:

Ray's Start UP! Your Class Workshop Handouts:

Ray's Start UP! FlyerFiles:

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