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Assessment Ideas

  • (Gr. 4-7) Observing and noting each student's skills during a 30-45 minute P.E. period is daunting. Now at the end of many lessons (and sometimes during) I stop the class and debrief the 3 main skills practiced during that period (i.e. Dodgeball: accurate throws, honesty when being hit, passing strategies). Then I ask the students to nominate peers that have demonstrated exceptional skills in any of those areas. I use a class list to accumulate check marks for these nominations over the unit. At the end of the unit, I use this data to help me identify the higher skilled players and thus, the higher letter grades. This is particularly useful when I platoon and teach for other teachers, because it's often difficult to remember names when teaching kids only 2-3 periods per week. (Jennie Boulanger - Burnaby)