myPITA Fall 2017 Newsletter article: Fractions and Decimals and Percents, Oh My!

Supporting Resources: Math Financial Literacy Mini-Projects, by Melissa Salter

Link to Carole Saundry-Fullerton's page:

Mathematical Thinking by Carole Saundry-Fullerton (Math Resources for all grades)

Building Math Confidence to Foster Success

- Ann-Marie Hunter:

2016 Build Confidence to Foster Success workshop ONLINE resources:

2016 Measurement & Geometry Workshop Handout:

Workshop Files:

Word Question Activity:

Mastering the Basics Program

Basic Skills Grade 5 (old version) overall test June 2008.doc

Estimating/Visualizing the Value of Numbers - Charts:

Mental Math:

Place Value and Numeration:

Fraction/Decimal Games:

Factors and Multiples:

Geometry and Measurement workshop - Ann-Marie Hunter

Find additional Geometry pages on
Example: Identify the Type for Each Quadrilateral

Metric Conversions:

Metric Conversions Game:

Game Rules

Game Sheet

Game Coordinates

Game Numbers

Graphing/Statistics Activity:


Memory Wizard Sheet for Station.doc

Slam Dunk Math Games

Palindromes Instruction Sheet from FAMILY MATH.doc


Math Start UP! Power of Ten Cards Station.doc

End of Ann-Marie Hunter's Math workshop files

Another great resource for helping students who are having specific problems is Karismath by Shad Moarif:

PITA Fall Conference 08 Workshop Notes:

- F20 Aren't Fractions Just Part of the Whole?
This Can't be Math...I Like It! a.k.a. Teaching Math Affectively

Sarah McAllister & Melissa McNenly