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PITA Fall Conference Notes:
F21 Helping Troubled Kids
F02 Helping the Disorganized Child --by Mary Moody

Other Resources:
The Supporting Students with Learning Disabilities: A Resource for Teachers is now posted on the Ministry of Education Special Education Resource page at

Mental Health Services-a guide for teachers.pdf
PDF Document an introduction to student mental health issues including resources and who to contact.

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) -an attempt to arrange instruction so that all children learn (from the same lesson) so no one falls behind.
This wiki contains many free supports:

Universal Design for learning suggests that lessons be organized so that all children can learn. This is very challenging, however to begin the process: here the UDL guildelines, this one page summary from lists ways of differentiating lessons for all students learn.

See also the PITA-Whistler Mini Conference on in April-May of each year: 'Supporting Struggling Students in Literacy and Math'
For information go to the Announcements page or the pita registration page

See also other PSAs (provincial Specialists Associations); LATA: Learning Assistance Teachers Association and Special Education PSA